Introducing a new program — ηRenamer
Was it necessary to rename a huge count of files at once? To put things in order in the audio library? We are glad to announce that we have developed a program that will greatly facilitate this routine work for you. ηRenamer allows you to quickly rename multiple files according to the algorithm you specify. The program is in the Alpha-version.
Introducing a new program — ηScreenshoter
We need save a screenshot? Or move it to the clipboard for later editing in Paint or Photoshop? We need to share the image on the screen with a friend via Internet? Then you surely need our new program — ηScreenshoter. Take screenshots and, if necessary, share your images with your friends via Internet in one click!
Introducing update ηShutdown
Do you like to fall asleep to movies? It's hard to control the time spent at the computer or tablet? Good news! We have updated the timer for your PC — ηShutdown. Run the timer, select the time and start the countdown. One minute before the timer you will see a warning, of course, if you still will not sleep :) After that, the computer will shut down or sent to hibernation. Relax in the quiet and save energy!
Changed design of the site
We are glad to announce that our website has a new look. Just do sections of the site has not been altered.
We have updated the site
We have slightly redesigned website. Advertising here does not appear and is not planned. We also added a section "Donate", where you can, if desired, to give us all possible financial assistance. We welcome any amount.
Introducing a new program — ηShutdown
ηShutdown — free, easy to use program designed to turn off the computer, restart, hibernation or sleep mode when the timer from 1 minute to 24 hours. The advantage of the program is small size, simple intuitive interface, the ability to quickly control via the tray menu. The program can always carry with them via USB-stick. The program requires no installation, and special administrator permissions. Download and enjoy!